Cinderella and the Ski Boot – Part 1

photo credit: Rile Briggs

photo credit: Rile Briggs

I didn’t wake to the pitter-patter of raindrops with the usual conundrum: what to put on my feet to get to work. That’s because I finally succumbed to adulthood and purchased rain boots. Now I happily puddle-hop my way to the office on soggy days.

Which brings me to my next footwear issue: I need new ski boots. It took me years – and I do mean years – to get my boots on without taking a breather in between the left and the right. I don’t know if it was the way I was putting my foot in (on an angle? too pointed?) the sock (thick, thin, wrinkled around the toes?) or the boot itself, but the entire exercise involved a fair bit of mental preparation. Now the boot lining is packed out and by the end of last season, my feet were freely floating inside my boots. Great for the feet, not so great for the skiing.

I hear there is a boot-fitter in town who is so good at his job, you need an appointment. I am going to track down this expert and report back. In the interim, I’ll read up on what I need to know. Feel free to share your suggestions!