Know the Code

Lynn’s comment to 1 Boarder 5 Questions reminded me to write about the code. There’s nothing secret about this code. The more people who are familiar with it, the better. The Alpine Responsibility Code lists ten points that are the golden rules of life on the slopes. Skiers and boarders are obligated to ski or ride in a controlled, responsible manner. We all share the responsibility, so best to take a look and refresh you memory before the season starts.

source: Canadian Ski Patrol

source: Canadian Ski Patrol

This code is in effect across Canada (please note, Quebec has its own code). To learn more about the codes, safety and rescue, visit the Canadian Ski Patrol website.


5 thoughts on “Know the Code

  1. Great reminder to everyone to ski safe this winter – too many risk-takers don’t realize that they’re risking other people’s safety when they’re being reckless on the slopes themselves.

  2. All well said in the blog and comments. But there are people that read instructions after the fact. I say it is a very good idea to read instructions before doing or moving ahead with an interest. So take a lesson or two, read the code and have a fun filled day.

  3. Know about the code but many don’t seem to if you look at those going straight down the hill at full speed and yelling their head off. Also have heard too many stories about skiers taking their friends with no previous experience to the top of a hill and leaving them to ski down. Most if these people never ski again. Thank goodness. There are many things in life you can’t do without instruction. Skiing should be added to the list. People think they can just rent skis and be off to the hill. I think a basic lesson should be provided with a first time ski rental. Just so everyone has a bit of protection.

    • Really good point about first-timers and lessons. I am a big fan of lessons, regardless of level or ability. Starting off a new sport with a bad experience like being left at the top of a hill is just not the way to go. I also have friends who had bad first experiences – always with friends and no lessons – and they absolutely refuse to return to the hills.

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