Portillo Slingshot

I’ve been doing some research on skiing in Portillo, Chile.  The pics pretty much say it all: beautiful snow, great terrain, blue skies…and a lift called the Slingshot.  I was hoping something had been lost in translation.

*kids, cover your ears at :47.


6 thoughts on “Portillo Slingshot

  1. Oh my!! That’s quite an interesting take on a ski lift! I think I would’ve just stayed on and gone back down! (Holding on for dear life of course…)

  2. Holy cow. Those sights are tempting to check out despite knowing that I would, most definitely, be the guy tumbling down the hill.
    Keep up the great posts!

  3. Give me that ride up the mountain!!!!! That’s the best part of skiing, not knowing what’s going to happen on the snow. That lift stopped! Now one has to figure out how to get unloaded off the slingshot within the mess that these skiers in the video made. Oh what fun!

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