Mt. Tremblant Celebrates 75

It may be time for a road trip. While we were counting snowflakes in Ontario this weekend, Quebec’s Mt. Tremblant was kicking off the start of the ski season with opening day on November 22.  They’ve had 3 inches of snow in the past week and the forecast is calling for another 4 inches of accumulation over the next few days.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the resort and their promo video includes some nice shots of skiing over the years. I think they could have picked a better soundtrack, but it’s fun to see the contrast of old and new. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Mt. Tremblant Celebrates 75

  1. I learned how to ski in the Northern Laurentians just south Tremblant back in the 1970s as a kid and remember wearing at least two to three sweaters and a down jacket as the daytime high was like -25c or some silly number like that. The one thing etched on my brain as a favourite smell of winter that brings back those memories was that magic combination of smoke from a fireplace and french fry grease from the chalet cafeteria all mixed together in the frigid cold air.

  2. I love Tremblant…haven’t been in many years…maybe it is time for another road trip…ok, now you’ve got me planning…

  3. What do you think? Flying to go snow sporting… the snow train, what great way to travel to go to the ski resort… the old Tee Bar lifts .. the poma lifts … then the seat chair lifts.. and all the new lifts today… the old ski lodges wood framing and fire places … Make a snowman or two or three… I think winter is a special time to enjoy nature, what ever your enjoyment in winter maybe. Make it the best winter ever. I say: The snow man will melt away but the memory will stay!

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