Skiing the Spine in Alaska

The New York Times recently ran an article on the “Behind the Line” video series by Teton Gravity Research. Alaska and extreme skiing: it never gets old, does it?

How the crew sets this up is pretty incredible. The behind the scenes footage is worth a look.

JP, these are for you!


4 thoughts on “Skiing the Spine in Alaska

  1. Thank you!!! I wish I could be there…but I’m not sure that I would actually be able to make the “leap of faith” onto the face…once you’re on it though, I’m sure that you forget about everything and concentrate wholly on the matter at hand…making it down alive…

  2. Great videos of extreme skiing and the work which goes on behind the skiers, to put a video together amazing.
    REALLY NICE, to have 12 hour days of skiing and all in light hours.
    Hope you too will find your magic moments on the snow, boarding, snow sporting, telemark skiing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, riding or just walking in nature with the snow.

  3. Watching the skiers, skiing the spine, puts my legs in my stomach, with my heart racing. Right now, I am feeling the need for skiing speed.
    Love the way the skiers drop of the wall into the white zone.
    Tent city in Alaska, winter camping to go skiing, I am in!

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