Ski Inspiration #1: Flying with Track 3


photo credit: Kelly Sikkema

I don’t need to be inspired to ski, but I can certainly be inspired to be a better person, reach higher, do more. Last weekend I had a taste of all three.

Friday night Track 3 hosted their annual Winterlude Carnival fundraiser at the Steam Whistle Brewery. Track 3 is a non-profit charitable organization that teaches children and youth with disabilities to downhill ski and snowboard. Giving disabled youth the freedom to fly is how their school program is described.

Over the course of the season, 450 volunteers get 200 kids outside to play in the snow and experience what many of us take for granted. There are 150 mentally and physically disabled children on the wait list. Once you add up the specialized equipment, travel costs and coaching, it costs approximately $1650 to get one child on the hill, hence the fundraiser.

Children waiting for the freedom to fly? Let’s help cut the wait list. How?

If nothing else, tell one friend about Track 3, and that friend may tell one friend and so on and so on. You may have someone in your midst who could make the difference between a name on a list and a child on the snow.  


11 thoughts on “Ski Inspiration #1: Flying with Track 3

  1. I am sure this is a wonderful experience for these children who probably don’t get too many opportunities to engage in sports activities.

  2. I cannot ski as being cold on the slopes or in the bowl does not attract me as the sun and beach does! However I appreciate your passion for your favorite sport and combining it to train with Track 3

  3. Being on the ski hills and seeing the Track 3 programs in place, seeing happy faces and
    partipipants enjoying time on skis, is a wonderful sight. Thanks for the Track 3 update.

  4. I was not aware of Track 3. Thanks for introducing the organization. I love skiing and winter, so will consider placing this organization on my donation list!

  5. This is great stuff …thanks for sharing…I didn’t even know this program existed!! I’ll be sure to pass it on and hopefully others will pay it forward as you have!!

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